Writing Accountability Post #19–Back to the Forest

Seasonal shifts come quickly. This year’s late spring has had several effects on things, including how quickly we get back into the forest to cut firewood–which, of course, also affects my productivity. Actually, we also had a family visit, which meant not only preparing but spending an actually glorious day in the woods, including getting some absolutely gorgeous shots. But I slipped out of the habit of doing my daily to-do list, which of course also impacted my overall productivity. Plus, getting back into shape for woodcutting–the first day was hot, which always slows both of us down. On the other hand, we’re sixty-five and seventy-one, so just being able to get out into the woods and cut up already-dead trees is a significant victory. Especially when the dang trees don’t cooperate, and fall so that hauling those chunks back to the pickup means a longer walk. In 80-degree temps. At elevation. Nonetheless, we survived. Next week’s firewood cutting will be during cooler temperatures, yay.

Federation Cowboy continues to be a struggle. Some of that is due to the brain throwing still more complexity into the works. I have to think through the implications of something that cropped up in this week’s writing, which means there will be a sequel, because a late character deserves to have her own story. However, it’s going to be complex. On the other hand, it’s the sort of story where thinking about it while in the woods would be just perfect. I’m hoping to wind it up this week, because drafting it has already taken longer than I want it to go.

Promotion has been meh. Seriously meh. I need to amp up my game again, perhaps by running those arrows and phrases slides. And I need to get that last pass of Netwalker Uprising completed so that I can upload it in paperback. Plus think through my 100% Human branding plan. That’s been another issue in productivity this week–just studying and thinking about all the AI stuff coming down.

In any case, it’s going to be a busy week. The horse has three major events coming up–a dental visit which was postponed because the clinic’s dental equipment needed repair, a farrier visit, and her move to summer pasture. That last will require a couple of steps–getting her salt block, checking fences, and cleaning out a water barrel. I want her to graze in a smaller corner pasture before letting her go into a bigger upper pasture. Otherwise, she doesn’t really graze it down like she should. But I need to check fences and gates there first.

All the same, I also need to get back to it on the writing front. April and May are both turning out to be sad, and I need to fix that.


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