Sometimes you don’t see the block until after you’re past it

It’s the season for lilacs, so have some lilacs again. My latest picking (recovered from DH’s pruning of low-lying branches) is not quite ready to bloom, so no pictures yet. I have hopes that they’ll blossom into something fragrant, gorgeous, and nice. Like…the writing.

I still can’t quite explain what happened in April. No sales through Draft2Digital, some sales on Ingram and Amazon. That’s not my usual state of affairs. It just felt like I was slogging through thick mud as I hacked through the words. Federation Cowboy seemed to be a never-ending slog and The Cost of Power hit a high point and then…blah. Nothing seemed to work. My gut was cranky and I just plain felt tired all the time.

Well, then there was the Covid booster #6 followed by the Nebula Conference. Suddenly, getting 2000 words down a day became easy again. I had to tear apart a chapter of Federation Cowboy several times, but after that? The story began to take life again. I just finished another chapter and hurray, hurray, I’m back on the outline and have 10-12k left to go.

But what’s even nicer?

Everything’s falling into place.

And I mean everything. I had been throwing in some breadcrumbs throughout the story–oh, I had a rough outline, I somewhat knew where I was going with the story, but there were some elements I threw in that I wasn’t sure about. However, considering that the issue of rella popped up out of the blue, and that I roughly knew the end, I had confidence that the breadcrumbs I was tossing in would come together.

Did they ever, in these last two chapters.

Two more chapters to go. I have a rough idea of where it’s going, but…it could still take a twist.

But even better–story is flowing.

That’s even better.

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