Goddess’s Honor


Introduction to the Goddess’s Honor Series

For many years the Miteal family, once rulers of the Darani Empire, lived in peaceful exile in Varen, across the ocean from Daran, in the former Darani colony of Medvara. A great plague that swept through Varen made their Aireii peoples who fled from Daran welcome as they aided the survivors of the plague in rebuilding the nations of Varen.

But time brings changes, and the Miteal fell into the same habits that echoed the corruption at the heart of Daran. The Emperors of Daran, seeking to restore their colonial ties, sent Zauril en Ralsem to brutally slay the Miteal and reestablish Medvara as a Darani colony.

Zauril came to Medvara with his own agenda—an attempt to elevate himself to Godhood, or, failing that, to become the father of a powerful sorcerer who could become first Emperor/Empress, then a God/Goddess. To that end he imprisoned and forced himself on Alicira ea Miteal, oldest granddaughter of Medvara’s leader, Alexran en Miteal, and the only Miteal he leaves alive (to his knowledge).

When the series opens, Alicira, pregnant with Zauril’s child, has managed to escape his clutches. In Beyond Honor, through the support of her exiled uncle Alame and brother Delian, she finds refuge in the Two Nations of Keldara and Clenda and with their Leaders Inharise and Heinmyets. Exile’s Honor and Birth of Sorrow chronicles Alicira’s efforts to build support and become a part of the Two Nations leadership, as she bears Zauril’s daughter, Rekaré (Sorrow in Old High Aireii) and creates her relationship with Heinmyets and Inharise.

Pledges of Honor (2018 Self-Published Fantasy Blog -Off Semifinalist) tells the story of Katerin Healer as she is drawn into Rekaré’s circles and discovers that her past is not what it seems to be. As the unwanted daughter of Terani the God-Killer from Waykemin, Katerin has always been an outsider except in her role as Healer. But as she becomes part of Rekaré’s campaign to challenge and depose her father Zauril, she realizes that she is part of the Miteal and has a role to play in Leadership. Much as she would prefer to remain a circuit Healer and insignificant, her relationship with Metkyi, priest of the God Staul, and her Miteal ancestry thrusts her into a new role.

Challenges of Honor chronicles a second attempt by the new Emperor, Chatain en Ralsem, to disrupt Rekaré’s leadership of Medvara, eleven years after the events of Pledges. As Alicira fades, the threat provided by an apparently friendly exile from Daran, Chiral ea Ralsem, explodes. Rekaré discovers that her father has left sorcerous traps for her that threaten her eldest daughter, Melarae and further Chatain’s goals. With Katerin’s aid, Rekaré overcomes Chiral’s threat—but at a grave cost which leaves Katerin as Leader in her place.

Cleaning House depicts Katerin’s first actions as Leader in Medvara. Unexpected Alliances shows Rekaré taking her first actions as Kinslayer and forming an essential alliance which will aid Katerin’s Leadership. Crown Anniversary introduces us to Chatain’s estranged half-sister, Betsona ea Ralsem, during the celebration of Chatain’s first year of rule.

Choices of Honor takes place seven years after Challenges. Katerin and Rekaré have been working together to forge stronger alliances between the nations of Varen to face an eventual attack from Emperor Chatain. A threat from Katerin’s birthland of Waykemin draws them east to battle there, leaving Katerin’s daughter Witmara in charge of Medvara. At that point Chatain makes his move…with unexpected consequences abetted by Betsona, who has formed a correspondence with Witmara. More becomes known about the rifts between the Seven Crowned Gods and the battles between them.

Judgment of Honor brings all these threads together as Katerin deals with another threat which was revealed during events in Waykemin. Betsona aids both Witmara and Rekaré to further her goal of deposing her hated brother. Katerin learns even more about her past in the process of dealing with this threat. And the divides between the Gods become even greater with the discovery of the Outcast God and his allies—as well as his ambition to eliminate his former siblings. Katerin, Rekaré, Betsona, and Witmara struggle with the resolution to these conflicts as they seek to build a new era for both Varen and Daran.

Goddess’s Honor works in chronological order:

Beyond Honor

Aireii sorceress Alicira, last magician of the house of Miteal, has escaped the clutches of Zauril, murderer of most of her family and usurper of the Leadership of Medvara. She struggles to remain free of his control, especially since her unborn daughter, Zauril’s child, may have inherited his magic instead of hers. Will she be able to find a safe refuge to rear her child free from Zauril’s influence and wreak her vengeance on him, or will the Gods interfere? Her only surviving sibling swears such a place is in Keldara. But will she be able to reach Keldara without losing all she holds dear?

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The Goddess’s Choice: A Goddess’s Honor Short Story

Vered desperately wants to become a Sorcerer-Captain so that she can command a ship free from the demands of her cousin, Emperor Chatain of the Miteal. But first she has to prove her worth to the Goddess Terat. Will she succeed?

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Exile’s Honor: A Goddess’s Honor Novelette

Alicira is safe in Keldara after fleeing Medvara to escape Zauril’s clutches. Or is she? She has an ugly past with her new mother-in-law, who still wears the magical restraint bracelets that Alicira put on her eight years ago. Will Nateria take advantage of Alicira’s desperate circumstances to exact her revenge…or will she recognize the danger they all face?

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Birth of Sorrow: A Goddess’s Honor Short Story

The long-awaited birth of Alicira’s daughter is happening while an unknown number of the Seven Crowned Gods wait to meet her. What do the Gods want with this child, and what fate will she have? Is Alicira’s daughter bearing Alicira’s magic or that of her cursed father Zauril? Only the Gods know.

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Pledges of Honor

PLEDGES OF HONOR introduces us to Katerin, a wandering circuit healer seeking to avoid both her past and a prophecy that could mean her doom. But when the suicide of a village healer sweeps her into the intrigues of Gods and humans, she has no choice but to face past and prophecy to do what is right. Can Katerin forge an alliance with the dangerously attractive Metkyi, avoid the curses of her destiny, and help restore a hidden leader to her rightful place? Explore this high fantasy story with a non-European setting and strong female characters for something different!

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Return to Wickmasa

A heavy-hearted Katerin returns to Wickmasa after Rekaré’s costly capture of the Leadership of Medvara which resulted in the deaths of her beloved Metkyi and her hidden father Alame. Not only must she console her new sister-in-law but the woman who has been her hidden father’s beloved for so many years. Can Katerin help heal their sorrow as well as her own, and restore Metkyi’s heartstone that broke upon his death?

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Challenges of Honor

Change is coming eleven years after the events that transformed Katerin Healer into Katerin ea Miteal and catapulted Rekaré ea Miteal to the Leadership of Medvara. Katerin’s daughter Witmara grows stronger in magic while studying under Alicira, Katerin’s cousin and Rekaré’s mother. Rekaré struggles with her mixed feelings toward her leadership and her daughter Melarae. When a challenge to Rekaré arises from a recent Daran Empire exile, Chiral, as Alicira’s health fails, Katerin must choose between remaining obscure, or fully claim her role as a Miteal. The Seven Crowned Gods have their own agenda. What are the consequences of thwarting Chiral’s schemes, and why are the Gods meddling now? Katerin and Rekaré are faced with many challenging choices but not all are honorable—or wise.

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Cleaning House: A Goddess’s Honor Outtake Story

What happens when Katerin returns to Medvare-the-city?

Katerin returns to Medvare-the-city as Leader of Medvara after the conclusion of Challenges of Honor. She must deal with mysterious fires and a rebellious Tapestry that links the Leader’s magic to the land of Medvara. Can Katerin succeed in winning over Medvara’s magic when her relatives have failed?

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Unexpected Alliances: A Goddess’s Honor Short Story

After renouncing her leadership of Medvara and accepting the title of Rekaré Kinslayer, Rekaré travels to the capital city of a long-time foe seeking aid. What do the Gods want from her–and will she find it in Gulter?

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Crown Anniversary: A Goddess’s Honor Short Story

Can Betsona ea Ralsem survive the first anniversary celebration of her half-brother Chatain’s ascension to Emperor of Daran? Or will she be struck down, like so many of her half-sibs during the past year? What will be the price of her survival?

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Choices of Honor: Goddess’s Honor Book Three


Avenging the death of co-Leader Inharise of the Two Nations appears straightforward at first for Katerin Leader and Rekaré Kinslayer. The curse that killed her points directly to the Witches Council of Waykemin. Therefore, they’re responsible. But as Katerin and Rekaré lead a small avenging force to Waykemin’s capital city of Formis, they discover that things are not quite as they seem.

At the same time, Waykemin’s overseas ally, Chatain, Emperor of Daran, sends an invading force that Katerin’s daughter Witmara must counter. But is Chatain’s sortie a distraction from the attack on Waykemin, or does it serve a deeper purpose? Katerin must choose between her daughter and the challenge that Waykemin presents—and hope she made the right choice.

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Judgment of Honor


After defeating Waykemin’s Witches Council, Katerin Leader and Rekaré Kinslayer face new challenges. Waykemin’s overseas ally, Chatain, Emperor of Daran, has abducted Katerin’s daughter Witmara. A new threat arises from the East which requires Katerin’s attention, so it falls to Rekaré to aid Witmara—which supports Rekaré’s vow for vengeance upon Chatain.

Meanwhile, Chatain’s estranged half-sister Betsona aids Witmara’s escape, and encourages her to overthrow Chatain. When Rekaré arrives in Daran, Betsona helps her. But does Betsona intend to use Rekaré and Witmara to become Empress?

At the same time, the rift between the Seven Crowned Gods splinters beyond recovery. How do the actions of Rekaré, Katerin, and Witmara play into the war between the Gods?

Battles at the Nerean Gate and the Spring Festival in Daran decide the fates of Gods and humans…and things will never be the same.

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