Writing Coach and Editing Services for Everyone–because you deserve mindful, private, discreet and thoughtful analysis of your work and where you’re going with your writing, no matter how far along you’ve gotten in the publication world!

My goal is to help my clients learn how to plot, plan, and format their work so that it is ready for publication, whether they are sending their work to commercial presses, small presses, or self-publication. To this end, my introductory rates are set at a low and reasonable level.

I want to encourage the ongoing growth of my clients and myself–my past experience as a teacher has shown me that as I teach, not only do my students benefit, but I learn from my students.

My services are open for ages from middle school on up–if you have a child struggling with composing appropriate academic papers, that will fall under my writing coach services. I WILL NOT WRITE TERM PAPERS. But I will review term papers at a coaching rate and help improve them.

Here’s what I have to offer:

Proofreading experience from a respected small press.

Experience helping other writers with developmental and line editing.

A Master’s degree in special education with an emphasis on remedial writing

Ten years of middle school teaching experience focusing on developing writing skills.

Publication experience in both commercial and self-publishing realms which goes back to the 1990s.

Science fiction and fantasy manuscripts preferred–I am not familiar with the romance market or mysteries.


I offer two price plans.

Light (single pass, no revision review)

Developmental Edits                                                                      Line Edits

1.) To 80,000 words–$500                                                        1.) $300

2.) 80,000-100,000 words–$750                                            2.) $400

3.) 100,000-125,000 words–$1,000                                       3.) $500

4.) 125,000-150,000 words–$1,500                                       4.) $600

5.) Above 150,000–contact for estimate                                5.) Contact for estimate

Full (Add Revision Review)

Developmental Edits

1.) To 80,000 words–$750

2.) 80,000-100,000 words–$1,000

3.) 100,000-125,000 words–$1500

4.) 125,000-150,000 words–$1725

5.) Above 150,000 words–contact for estimate

Free sample edit provided for the first 30 pages. 1/2 of payment is due in advance, payable through Paypal or else through personal arrangements.

Contact me at [email protected].


Writing Coach Services

Individual one-on-one coaching or tutorial work to help you plot/plan your book/story/paper before you start, brainstorm your ideas, and so on. This may include discounted editorial support work, depending on your needs. Sessions may be in person or using Skype/Google Docs/Zoom/Duo or some combination of online networking which fits your needs.

These services include tutorial work with students starting at middle school levels up through college.



Student/senior (65+) rate–$25 per session

Regular rate–$35 per session

Contact me at [email protected].