Bibliography of Published Work

Published Work by Joyce Reynolds-Ward

Unless otherwise noted, all book titles are available through Amazon (this link goes to my Amazon Central page), and most stories at the publisher’s website. Most book titles can also be found at Barnes and Noble and Smashwords. Some are also available at Kobo, Apple iBooks, and Google Play. Not all anthologies are referenced on my author page at Amazon yet.


2015 Published Work

“J.C. the Ski Bum,” Dragons, Droids and Doom: Year One, edited by Iulian Ionescu & Frederick Doot, Fantasy Scroll Press

Pledges of Honor

Netwalk’s Children

Lucifer Has Fallen: Disruption Chronicles Three

Of Archangels and Fuzzy Green Mascots: A Netwalk Sequence Novella

Seeking Shelter at the End of the World, eTreasures Publishing

“mist-in-the-woods,” Tales from an Alien Campfire, edited by Phyllis Irene Radford, Knotted Road Press

Valentine Disruptions: Disruption Chronicles Two

“Constancy,” First Contact Cafe, edited by Phyllis Irene Radford, Sky Warrior Books

2014 Published Work

Christmas Shadows: Disruption Chronicles One

“Live Free or Die,” Trust and Treachery, edited by Day Al-Mohamed and Meriah Crawford, Dark Quest Books

Life in the Shadows: Diana and Will

Alien Savvy: A SF Western Novella

Shadow Harvest: A Netwalk Sequence Illustrated Novella

Winter Shadows: A Netwalk Sequence Illustrated Novella

“J.C. the Ski Bum,” Fantasy Scroll Magazine

2013 Published Work

“Beer Goes to War,” How Beer Saved the World, Phyllis Irene Radford, ed., Sky Warrior Books

Dahlia: A Netwalk Sequence Illustrated Short Story

Netwalk: Expanded Edition

Netwalker Uprising

2012 Published Work

“Damned If You Do, Damned if You Don’t,” Gears and Levers 1, Phyllis Irene Radford, ed, Sky Warrior Books

” Quick and Simple Spontaneous Behavioral Situation Data Tracking Tricks for Classroom Teachers, Specialists, and Coaches,”

“Techniques for Organizing the ADHD Student,”

“IEP Participation Success Strategies for General Education Teachers, Administrators and Counselors,”

“Building Better Relationships Between Schools and Parents of Special Needs Students,”

2011 Published Work

Tranquility Freeriders.  Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

Netwalk. Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

“Banksters,” Gobshite Quarterly 12, December 2011.

“Too High to Fall,” Shelter of Daylight, Autumn 2011.

“River-Kissed,” River, Alma Alexander, ed., Dark Quest Books.

“So Sorry About Your Loss,” White Cat Magazine

“Slow Dancing in ¾ Zombie Time,” Zombiefied, Carol Hightshoe, ed. Sky Warrior Books.

“The Dance of Predator and Prey,” The Fifth Di…. February 2011

2009 Published Work

“Cold Dish,” M-BRANE SF 9, Oct, 2009

“Breakthrough,” Nightbird Singing in the Dead of Night, Jeff Dennis, ed., Nightbird Press

“Coming Home,” Noctober, July 2009,


Columns for the Portland State Vanguard

“Enough is enough!”

“Ouch. Moving pangs”

“Oops, he did it again”

“Faithful or fanatical?”

“A chat with the devil”

“Soccer mom legacies”

“Reaping the whirlwind”

“A cynical dialogue”

“Space race #2”

“Who’s eating whom?”

“Secular or sacramental?”

“And in this corner”

“Science fiction don’t get no respect”

“Endings and beginnings”

“Winds of the past”

“Boo! Inc”

“Bikeless in Portland”

“Accountability this!”

“Carnivore Dreams: a reminiscence on fall”

“WTO: NWO or DOA?”

(Hiatus for Real Life, jewelry business, childrearing, getting teaching certificate, and Other Stuff)

Partial list of Published Work 1998-1992

April, 1998 “March Madness Strikes St. Agatha School,” SELLWOOD BEE

Dec. 15, 1996 “St. Agatha Teacher wins KEX Teacher of the Month,” CATHOLIC SENTINEL, article and picture

Dec. ? 1996 “Catholic Net #4,” CATHOLIC SENTINEL

Nov. 29, 1996 “Catholic Net #3,” CATHOLIC SENTINEL

Oct. 11, 1996 “Catholic Net #2,” CATHOLIC SENTINEL

Sept. 20, 1996 “Catholic Net # 1,” CATHOLIC SENTINEL

Winter 1995 “Book Review: TALKING FROM NINE TO FIVE by Deborah Tannen,” BLUE STOCKING

Winter 1994-95 Book Reviews, THE BEAR ESSENTIAL.

1994 #2 “I Am A Feminist Homemaker,” SUBLIMINAL TATTOOS(reprint)

Summer 1994 “Democratic Party Structure in Oregon” and “Book Review: The Jefferson Conspiracies”, GRASSROOTS DIALOGUE

Summer 1994 “Of Wind, Grass and Fire: Reflections on YOUNG MEN AND FIRE by Norman Maclean,” THE BEAR ESSENTIAL

Summer 1994 “Schools, Taxpayers and Money: A Balancing Act,” PORTLAND METROZINE

Apr. 1994 “Changing Corporate America’s Values,” PORTLAND METROZINE

Mar. 1994 “Interview with Greg Kise,” PORTLAND METROZINE

Jan. 1994 “To Light A Candle,” PORTLAND METROZINE

Dec. 1993 “Santa Business,” PORTLAND METROZINE

Winter 1993 “Purdah Pictures” and “Damn the CEOS! Full Speed Ahead,” PLANT’S REVIEW OF BOOKS

Nov. 1993 “Untangling Our Health Care System,” PORTLAND METROZINE

Oct. 93-Mar. 94 Various short articles written as editor of MULTNOMAH DEMOCRAT

Oct. 1993 “What’s Wrong with the Democratic Party,” PORTLAND METROZINE

Sept. 1993 “Great Progress in the Stock of Oregon,” THE HISTORICAL GAZETTE, No. 7

Aug. 1993 “Anarchy,” PAPERBACK JUKEBOX

Summer 1993 “The Ties that Bind,” (fiction) RANDOM REALITIES

Summer 1993 “Breaking the Isolation,” (reprint) FEMINIST BROADCAST QUARTERLY OF OREGON

June 1993 “Natural Energy: Conservation and Efficiency,” PORTLAND METROZINE

May/June 1993 “Breaking the Isolation,” WOMYN’S PRESS

May 1993 “Changing Corporate World: Where We’ve Been, Where We Could Be Going,” PORTLAND METROZINE

Apr. 1993 “Publication recreates the past,” NOW NEWS

Apr. 1993 “Raising a Son,” BLUE STOCKING

Mar. 1993 “Practical Politics 102: Lobbying,” PORTLAND METROZINE

Mar, 1993 “Childcare worker victim of domestic violence,” NOW NEWS

Mar. 1993 “Death of a Child Care Worker,” BLUE STOCKING

Feb. 1993 “Practicing Partnership,” PORTLAND METROZINE

Jan. 1993 “Rantings of a Feminist Housewife,” BLUE STOCKING

Dec., 1992 “Wake Up Call,” PORTLAND METROZINE

Nov. 1992 “We Celebrate the Harvest,” POOR JOE’S METROZINE

Oct. 1992 “Practical Politics 101: Elections,” POOR JOE’S GUIDE


Sept. 1992 “A Rush to Mislabel,” POOR JOE’S GUIDE