The Martiniere Legacy consists of a core trilogy (Inheritance, Ascendant, Realization) and several related works set either before or after the trilogy (The Heritage of Michael Martiniere, Broken Angel: The Lost Years of Gabriel Martiniere, Justine Fixes Everything: Reflections on Mortality). Except for the Trilogy, they are best viewed as interrelated works rather than a straight linear progression.


Inheritance, Ascendant, Realization

The Trilogy is from the perspective of Ruby Barkley, the first and third wife of Gabriel Martiniere, and introduces the reader to the world of the Martinieres. Through the course of the Trilogy, Ruby learns that her ex-husband Gabe is not exactly who she thought he was during their first marriage–and that he is an heir to a toxic but powerful legacy that goes back centuries, to the Medicis and Borgias. Advanced agricultural technology and how it’s funded is a part of the Trilogy, as is a future where debt lands debtors into indentured servitude–often for life. And once one becomes indentured, there’s no protection against being the object of experimentation, including mind control programming, cyborging, and cloning. Another aspect is high-level political and corporate scheming as Gabe attempts to reclaim his heritage as the Martiniere, the head of both the Martiniere Family and the privately held family conglomerate, the Martiniere Group.

Ruby is a rancher, researcher, and former rodeo queen. She loves her northeastern Oregon Double R Ranch and her horses. The Double R and her horses kept her sane during her awful divorce from Gabe, and it provided a living for her and their son Brandon. And as she becomes more intertwined with the world of the Martinieres and Gabe’s heritage, the Double R becomes a refuge for the Martinieres who desire to break away from that toxic tradition. The Trilogy chronicles the events which lead to the establishment of the Double R as a Martiniere refuge, and the rise of Ruby’s influence within the Martiniere Family and the Martiniere Group.

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A fourth and final book in this main series, Repairing the Legacy, is currently in progress (August, 2021), and will be released as a serial on either Medium or Substack starting toward the end of August/first part of September. Repairing the Legacy covers the thirteen year period between the end of the main part of Realization (excepting the epilogue) until Gabe’s death. The entire book will be released in Spring, 2022. Subscribe to my newsletter here to keep up with the latest developments, since I’m still working on what form the serial release will look like.



The Heritage of Michael Martiniere chronicles the struggles of Mike, the clone of Gabe’s narcissistic, sociopathic, megalomaniac father Philip. Mike wrestles with the concept of himself as “a crippled clone boy” and “a young man in an old man’s body,” even as he is inexorably thrust into the role that Philip created him to fulfill. Can Mike overcome Philip’s legacy and become his own person?

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Broken Angel: The Lost Years of Gabriel Martiniere covers the years from Gabe’s testimony against Philip to his second marriage to Ruby. Thirty lost years, where Gabe struggles against Philip’s attempts to destroy him and keep him from ascending to the heritage which should be his by right. The impact of mind control programming, Gabe’s attempts to launch innovative microbial soil and seed treatments to improve agricultural productivity, his involvement with his brother-in-law’s mercenary company Alvarez Armory, all take place during those thirty years. But it’s not all grim. At heart, Gabe still clings to hope in the face of adversity. Hope…and the desire to make Philip pay for all he’s done to Gabe and those Gabe loves.

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Over the years, Justine Martiniere has become the fixer for the Martinieres. Have a problem? Go to Justine to get it remedied. But it wasn’t always that way. First, Justine needed to escape the abuses of her father, Philip. She didn’t expect to fall in love with the man she married, Donald Atwood. But she did–and then she faced the choice between Donald, or stopping her sociopathic, megalomaniac father. Justine Fixes Everything is in part the unusual love story of Justine and Donald–and the saga of her rise to power, viewed in retrospect as she tells the history to Philip’s clone Mike, as he recovers from surgery. It’s about what she sacrificed to become powerful—and, at the same time, how that past comes to haunt the challenges she faces toward the end of her life.

Forthcoming in October, 2021


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