The Netwalk Sequence Chronology

The Netwalk Sequence Chronology

As might be expected after over twenty-four years of work on this set of stories, there’s a set of both completed and projected stories that go into The Netwalk Sequence.  Perhaps it’s the evil influence of Heinlein’s Future History series (joke!  really!  Heinlein fan here! Honest!), or a natural tendency toward linear tales.  As of this time (December 2011), here’s the chronology of stories that are written, unwritten, published, unpublished, soon-to-be-published, and Never-Will-Be-Published.  Stories in bold have been published in one form or another and links to sources are attached. Date is not publication date but the date in the Netwalk Sequence history (of course!). As of January, 2016, there will be a couple more omnibuses plus Netwalking Space to be published. Sales will determine how much more gets written after that.

                               Title                                                 Source

A Madness in the Blood (trunk novel, not to be published)

Dahlia: A Netwalk Sequence Illustrated Short Story (Kindle Edition, November, 2013)

Winter Shadows: A Netwalk Sequence Illustrated Novella (Kindle Edition, Nook, Kobo, February, 2014)

Shadow Harvest: A Netwalk Sequence Illustrated Novella (Kindle Edition, Nook, Kobo, October, 2014)

Life in the Shadows: Diana and Will (Netwalk Sequence omnibus including non-illustrated versions of Dahlia, Winter Shadows, Shadow Harvest, and Christmas Shadows, Amazon Editions, Nook, Kobo, December 2014)

Lucifer Has Fallen: A Disruption Chronicles Short Story (Kindle Edition, October, 2015)

Christmas Shadows: Disruption Chronicles Book One (Kindle Edition, December 2014)

Valentine Disruptions: A Disruption Chronicles Novelette (Kindle Edition, February 2015)

“The Ties That Bind”   ( Random Realities, Summer 1993; part of Netwalk: Expanded Edition)

“Cold Dish”  (M-Brane SF 9 Kindle edition, October 2009)

Netwalk: Expanded Edition (Amazon Edition, Nook, August, 2013)

Netwalker Uprising (Amazon Edition, Nook, March, 2013)

Netwalk’s Children (Amazon Edition, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, Winter 2015)

Tranquility Freeriders (Kindle Edition, January 2012)

Of Archangels and Fuzzy Green Mascots (Kindle Edition, July 2015)

“Too High to Fall” (Anthology Builder contest Finalist, Shelter of Daylight Autumn 2011, hardcopy purchase here)

Netwalking Space (forthcoming late 2016/2017)

Moonrise (draft version only; to be revised and published if/when Netwalk Sequence sales justify)

Netwalk’s Descendants (concept only; to be written if/when Netwalk Sequence sales justify)