Writing Accountability Post #1

Well, we’ll see how long these last. One of the processes I decided upon–not necessarily a New Year’s resolution but a musing in my evening journal last night–is that I need to do a weekly checkback with my projected publication and craft schedule for the month to see if I’m on track to finish what I have planned. Part of that checkback is going to be a weekly accountability post. This is as much for me as it is for anyone else. I need the time to clear my mind and think about how I’m working.

Some of this is an attempt to quantify and observe my progress. I may dig out some of my old behavior tracking schedules–where I record what I’m doing at what time and for how long–to see how my behavior changes. I already know that the time of year definitely affects things, because I need daylight to do things with the horse. I also know that I get more fatigued after dark a lot of the time. These posts and the weekly accountability schedule review are a means of tracking what I’m doing, and I may stop doing them once I’ve internalized some structures (look, as a former special ed teacher, I should be able to apply some of these techniques to me, right? Right?).

With no further blathering, here’s what I accomplished in the way of weekly goals:


  • Completed In the Land Where Dragons Grow, the short story for the month.
  • Did some thinking about The Cost of Power, annotations in chapter outlines.
  • Did some thinking about Federation Cowboy, enough that I feel comfortable beginning work on it.
  • Did some brainstorming about the Goddess’s Vision series, including a possible worldbuilding short story that I may submit to an anthology call.


  • Finished writing up an interview.
  • Made contact with one reviewer for a potential review in April.
  • Assorted networking.
  • Appearance on B-Cubed Sunday morning last Sunday.


  • Completed edits for a client.
  • Completed edits on A Different Life: Now. Always. Forever. so that I can begin production for the February 7th release.

Other Writing:

  • Sent out three short stories that had come back in December, plus one more that I had missed earlier.
  • Board meeting minutes for NIWA, took notes at Saturday meeting.
  • Renewed membership in ALLi.

No craft or sewing work this week.

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