Winter arena ride

It’s November and clearly with the rains and mist outside, we’re back to winter riding. No more outside and dust, back to damp and cool, sweaty horse, and slick arena footing.

Mocha was eager to get out and work. We didn’t do a lot of intensive schooling, more gymnastic and flexing work. She wasn’t very aggressive at the lope, wanting to work more under herself and staying balanced and collected to manage the footing better. Smart girl. Guess she learned something from her injury in September.

Along with the slower, more elevated work, I noticed she was lighter on the rein and shifted directions quickly to avoid slick patches when I started guiding her around them. We didn’t work very hard, though, mainly to avoid getting Mocha too damp. Yep. It’s that humid phase of November when it’s just too warm to ride hard with a winter coat. I’m going to try a trace clip again this year, since unlike last year she’s only getting wet on her neck and hindquarters. I can always do a full clip if that doesn’t work (but then she gets a fitted undersheet, for those times when the Gorge wind blows strong).

A nice, quiet evening ride after work, and a prelude to many more like it this winter.

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