The dreaded year-end review

2011 was definitely the year of ups and downs.  Ups and downs throughout my life and career, ups and downs that are still reverberating through my days.

The down part is definitely the Day Jobbe.  Not a lot of details for public consumption, just that there’s a lot not going the way it should there, and it could get worse.  On the other hand, eight years in one place is a good thing and perhaps it is time to move on and do something new.  The next three months should (I hope!) tell the tale.

Mocha spent a good portion of the year being off in her right shoulder, off and on until the very end of the year when she started stabilizing.  Good pieces from that part of the life is that she’s moving better, more effectively, and we’re able to do a heck of a lot more than I thought we could.  Show plans may very definitely lie ahead of us for the summer and fall.

2011 was a very good writing year.  I sold six short stories, two of which will be coming out soon and one which is due to be reprinted in a collection featuring the “Monthly Bests” from that publisher’s magazines.  I also sold a political essay with a picture.  Additionally, Netwalk is now live as an indie-published e-book and more stories in the sequence will be coming up soon.  I have three short stories unrelated to The Netwalk Sequence to get written and sent out, plus at least one novella and probably more Netwalk Sequence pieces to put up.  We’ll see where all this takes me.

Personal life is good, health is decent (but with one cloud hanging over me right now).  DH and I went to a lot of music shows this year and ended out the year in San Francisco at the Furthur show.  The New Year’s Eve show was quite the spectacle, climaxing with a huge dragon cruising around the venue.  Good stuff.

2012 looks to be a year of changes.  Here’s hoping they’re all good ones.

No resolutions, save to maintain my current weight, advance in my writing career, and find some new way to tweak/maximize/expand my special ed teaching career.   Oh, and have horse ready to show.

That should keep me busy.

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