The days are just packed…

Things have been rather hectic of late, one could say. While the trip to Eugene weekend before last was fun, and I got to enjoy a night of the String Cheese Incident, something kicked off both my asthma and my irritable bowel syndrome. I’m blaming a known allergen that snuck in under the radar of my usually good scans, along with air inversions and cleaners in the hotel. Hubby commented on noticing that his lungs felt irritated, too.  Still, we had a good family outing as the son joined us.


Anyway. Got back home on Tuesday, and been scrambling ever since then.

So various bits and pieces of information. I’m now up to three things coming out this year from publishers who aren’t me. Woohoo. Hybrid publishing rocks. So what are they?

First, my novella Seeking Shelter at the End of the World is out from eTreasures Publishing. It’s supposed to appear in Amazon sooner or later, but hasn’t yet.

Rianna, one of the genetically engineered weather monitoring modelers known as Canaries, has been cast out by the Canaries and is hunted by those who once protected her and who have murdered her boyfriend. In a world threatened by toxic Clouds, will Rianna be able to find love and safety? 

Next, my story “Consistency” will be out in First Contact Cafe, a shared world anthology edited by Phyllis Irene Radford, on February 1st. Link is to Amazon preorders.

There are rules for first contact with aliens. And a place to meet aliens where the rules are enforced. Simple things like avoiding smelly bodily emissions, even if your race considers them a compliment, and complicated things like not asking another race if they are edible.
Feel free to read up on the rules of the First Contact Cafe, then pull up a bar stool, or a pool of sludge, have a drink of beer or get high on methane, and plan your next trade deal, a compelling con, or find a mate compatible to your DNA. But whatever you do, don’t piss off the bartender. Your prosperity, or your demise belongs in her hands. She owns the First Contact Café, and your soul.

And finally (for now), my story “mist-in-the-woods” will be coming out in Tales from an Alien Campfire, an anthology from the Campcon Writers and edited by Phyllis Irene Radford, in March. No links there yet.

There’s at least one other story in the works, and another book. So my publishing 2015 is already off to a good start.

On the self-publishing front, I just finished putting this book together:


It’s more of a novelette than a novella, and I haven’t written the blurb yet, which is why I haven’t posted it. Brain tired tonight. Anyway, it’s a Bess Fielding story, kind of a warmup to Netwalk’s Children. Which I am starting. Real. Soon. Now. After I write “Valentine Disruptions,” which is going to be the last Diana and Will story, having them chasing the Disruption Machine around on what was supposed to be Parents’ Night Out over Valentine’s.

I’ve got another story on deck for February, or maybe I’ll make it a March pub.

I am pretty happy with this little novella from a production point of view. I think I’m getting the hang of prepping a MS in Word through final edits, then moving it over to Scrivener for the final pieces. Gimp was reasonably kind to me today, only throwing one monkey wrench into the layout, and while I’m not completely happy with the cover the fact that I didn’t have to completely wrestle it into submission is a good thing. The back matter really should have a cut from “Valentine Disruptions” in it but that’s still pretty rough. I’ll see how I feel about it tomorrow.

Anyway, after the making of ebook above, I went to the doctor for a regular checkup, picked up Mocha’s portable shed for Wallowa County life (i.e., heavy turnout blanket with detachable neck) from the mailbox, then came home and pinned the monster front window curtains. This set–for the two big front windows–is slightly bigger than the two big side windows. But I got the pinning done. I’ll sew them tomorrow, then prepare to attack the big side window curtains.

So yeah. Quiet from me right now is a good thing because it means I’m doing a lot of stuff. I haven’t talked about hauling a ton of sand over to the shared garden on the Coast (Saturday), or Mocha’s progress (good but she’s stiff on that right side. Time for another appointment).

The days are just packed right now. And that’s without starting to do a lot of actual packing of things. Yet.

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