Ski Day #13

No pictures today.  DH and I got up, got moving and got up to Timberline in plenty of time  despite it being the first day of Daylight Savings Time.

It was a properly stormy day, 24 degrees F and a steady, strong wind.  There’s been quite a bit more snow since we last skied, which made it nice.  Fresh, crispy snow as well.  It’s allergy season down in the valley, which meant getting back up into the Land of Winter without any pollen was a welcome relief.  Even if it meant getting into cold and wind.  My nose cleared right up, which was a dead giveaway that allergies are more than a wee factor.

Took the DH down Vicky’s Run for the first time, and he liked it.  Then I took him down Molly’s (a black diamond) and he did a respectable job of it.  Molly’s is an interesting little set of pitches.  I don’t think I want to see it without snow on it, though, I suspect it’s pretty much a cliff.  The big mounds of deep snow made it tiring and a bit of a challenge.  Nonetheless, we did it without falls.

But at last the cold wind and me being tired out from a long weekend at OEA-PIE did me in.  Gusts were so strong from the southwest that they stopped or significantly slowed me at the top of Jojami and the last pitch of Uncle Jon’s Band.  I’ve got a bit of windburn on my face even with my good moisturizer to protect it.  We called it a day after about two and a half hours and came home, wherein I promptly took a nap.  Not going to be good for much else today, either–clogged sinuses and all.

Dang spring.

But at least we’ve got a nice base of snow to take us through the spring.  It looks like we’ll be getting a bunch more snow this week as well.  It may be spring down here in the valley, but up on the Mountain it’s twenty degrees colder and still deep in the grasp of winter.

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