Anyone home?

Well, uh, that was a busy week.  It’s been a time of running around like a maniac doing various things, none of which happened to be blogging.  And next week looks to be more of the same.

Ah well.  It is what it is.  I got sucked into a major worldbuilding marathon, and in the process ended up blowing the doors off of some of the original Netwalk concepts.  When I get done with it, if I can manage to pull off something this ambitious, it should be a sweet little thing.  Or not so little.  I’m not really sure of that.  Could be something.  At the very least I have a process post in the making, once I recover and get to the actual writing thereof, that is.

Work is a runaway horse of craziness right now.  Nothing bad, just seasonal crazy busy time.  Trimester change, beginning of the end of the year wrap-up, beginning of the statewide assessment period, throw in a couple of snow days and late openings intermixed with warm spring weather, and the whole thing turns into a three ring circus.  Oh yeah, been here before.  And this is a union involvement year, with three neighboring districts poised to go on strike, which means additional activism in the form of attending rallies and offering reassuring advice to worried colleagues that You Can Survive A Strike, BTDT, At Least It’s Spring Thank God (my local’s three and a half week strike seven years ago coincided with the beginning of a particularly wild and strong winter).  In memory, I may need to pull out a series of notes I took at the time and turn them into posts, or something.  Perhaps a giveaway ebook or something like that.

And then there was the OEA-PIE political endorsement convention, which is a post unto itself.  Let’s just say that despite my strong past political background, I’ve never experienced anything quite like this process.  Very interesting.  I met all of Oregon’s Congressional Representatives (Bonamici, Walden, Blumenaer, DeFazio, Schrader) and the three statewide incumbents up for election (Labor Commission, Secretary of State, Treasurer).  Plus I did something a younger me would have been totally outraged about–ended up supporting the endorsement of someone I would never have thought of supporting even for pragmatic purposes.  How things change as we age.  But more of that later.

Horse has been getting ridden, and that’s it’s own post.  She did something absolutely ridiculous and yet so Mocha-ish that I still get the giggles about it.  We did some interesting stuff this week, and I’m still processing that.

So yeah.  It’s been a busy time.  At some point the whirlwind will slow down.  I’m just not sure when that will be.

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