Meet Addie

I’m not prone to naming cars.  It’s just not something I’ve done.  Oh, a few metal beasts have gotten tagged with nicknames not always repeatable in all-ages audiences, but overall, I’ve not been a namer of cars.

Now, I kinda regret it, since the Mighty Subaru has gone from our lives.  No big breakdown, but there were signs that it was starting to show the miles.   And since the Mighty Subie is not just my work transportation taking me through some somewhat interesting microclimates but our primary ski/backwoods vehicle, and being that we are becoming Old Pharts, we decided something newer was in the cards, while the Mighty Subie still had a resale value.  We did give it one last run to the Mountain, where she served mightily.


And reliably, need I say more?

But now, she’s been replaced.




The new car is also a Subaru Outback, in a gunmetal gray that almost looks black.  She’s been driven home and properly loaded with working tools for my commute, as well as stickers.  There’s a lot of new bells and whistles on this one, and this is a low-end model.  I wonder what’s on the high-end–eek.

Anyway, after stickering her up, I noticed that I’d kind of set off the Next Adventure sticker.  The more I looked at it on her, the more I realized that she’s the harbinger of our next set of Adventures.  Next Adventure, indeed.

And so that is her name.  Next Adventure, otherwise known as Addie.







Looks like an Addie to me.

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