Queen of Jelly

Yo. I am still a jelly/jam-making studette.


Loganberries getting cooked for juice to make jelly.

We went down to our friend S’s in Clatskanie today to make jelly. He had five gallons of loganberries thawed plus a gallon of raspberries; we had a gallon of blackberries. Between the guys doing the cleaning and prep work while I did most of the cooking, we cooked something like 31 jars of jelly; 22 pints and 9 half-pints (plus leftover 2/3 pint of loganberries and miniscule bowl amounts of raspberry and blackberry jellies); 5 half pints of raspberry jelly, 4 half pints and 1 pint of blackberry jelly, and 21 pints of loganberry jelly.

I feel quite accomplished (and quite tired) tonight.


Loganberry jelly


Blue lids plus white ring in foreground are blackberry, red lids are raspberry, and the rest is the remainder of the loganberry.

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