Plein Air Day One

Sooo….since Worldcon is not in the cards this year, I signed up for a combined Artist and Writer Plein Air Paint and Write Out in Hood River. Writing en plein air essentially means using the impressions of the moment around you to write something, just as painters paint what they see in the moment out in nature during painting en plein air. I’m only able to participate in two of the five days, but I’ve taken in two venues and will do a third (as well as repeat one of the others) today. I have to submit two 500 word pieces. Both will go into the online anthology and one will go on display in the Columbia Center for the Arts gallery along with the featured works of the other writers and artists

Yesterday, we all met at the Gorge White House for a quick reception and goody bags before dispersing around the grounds to paint and write. I got a Netwalk Foundations piece written, which if I can get cut down will be one of my submission pieces. I also wrote a bit on another Foundations novella, then went to downtown Hood River for lunch and some more writing–this time impressionistic notes for a later nonfiction competition, not the Plein Air exhibition.

Roughly 2500 words in all, 1700 or so of them fiction.

Today I’m thinking about either Rust and Flame stories (“Coming Home“), or else Alice Mary (“Beer Goes to War”, from How Beer Saved the World).

I do have some pix.


Painters painting. Lots more of ’em.


An interesting selfie. The trusty Innovator tablet/detachable keyboard at work.

Hmm. Just got two anthology calls in the email today. Methinks I’ll be taking notes for stories.

Anyway, writing is happening and it’s fun.

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