Packing away the Broken Angel notes

I’m packing away the notes I made for the last Martiniere Legacy book, Broken Angel: The Lost Years of Gabriel Martiniere. Did the first revision, then segued into a second revision after watching the interview with the Sussexes on Sunday night because some of the things that Harry said? Could have come right out of Gabe’s mouth, especially the part talking about keeping his wife and child safe.

It’s kind of the end of an era because this is the last Legacy book. Oh, I might write some more in this world, but for all intents and purposes, it’s finished. Now I need to think about promotion…and if there’s one thing I realized about the February book, The Heritage of Michael Martiniere, it’s that I need to be thinking about promotion and emphasizing that both of these books are standalones. Mike’s book happens after the trilogy and you don’t need to read the trilogy first. Gabe’s book happens before the trilogy. So I need to be thinking just how I’m going to market and promote these books.

Gabe’s book was not an easy one. He endures a lot. But he also had some very bright moments. I’m actually glad I wrote this book, and for once, this is a prequel that really did need to wait for the other books to be written before it came out. As it were, I tweaked some bits of Heritage after finishing the rough draft of Broken Angel. I thought about tweaking bits of the trilogy, and then said “no, the trilogy is Ruby’s point of view. This is how Gabe remembers things, and Gabe’s memory has been tampered with, plus Gabe…lies. To himself as well as others. It’s a survival technique.”

Now it’s poking at things, coming up with appropriate back cover/promotional copy, and thinking about how to promote the book.

But first I’ve gotta also get things tweaked for Heritage.

Which…it’s available, and it’s a nice little standalone. Check it out.

(Huh. Pasting in the ‘zon link pops up the following. Not so much for the Books2Read link, which gets you Apple, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble)

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