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I really have to either block out time for blogging or else spend time writing posts that get published some time after I’ve written them. Sigh.  Just a busy life at the moment.

Anyway. Last weekend we went to Oregon Country Fair and stayed at our favorite campground nearby. Well, okay, about three quarters of a mile or so by foot from our campsite to the front gates. We are part of a larger group that we just sort of fell into our first year camping in the very back end of the site. It’s a congenial place to hang out and our accustomed spot in the campground is pretty private. We usually camp in the trees with our door facing away from the main trail.


One of the things about Fair is a lot of wry little visual jokes and word puns, as well as lovely decorations. This year, one of the campers decorated the little trail leading from the campground to the road.









Fair is about a lot of things. There’s music, and entertainment, including some really amazing acrobatic work. This year the acrobatic performances were just plain stunning. There’s also food, and crafts, and other fun stuff. I put aside a small budget for shopping at two of my favorite clothing vendors, Organic Attire and Intertwined Designs. I don’t buy a lot, but I buy something every year, especially from Organic Attire because I love their cotton clothing and their designs. I love Intertwined Designs’s capri pants because they’re the first capri that actually looks good on me and they’re quite durable! I now have three pairs….anyway, both vendors feature good quality, durable, organically produced clothing.

But the food…Country Fair is a safe place for me to find food I can eat with my allergies. And, this year, at a neighboring campground, I discovered a food vendor who makes gluten-free crepes! So for two mornings I had a chocolate gluten-free crepe for breakfast. Yum. I have not had crepes for YEARS due to my allergies.

The other thing about camping at Fair is that it is safe, friendly, and pretty doggone relaxing. After setting up camp on Thursday, we just plain hung out, visited with folks, walked around admiring the other camp decorations, and read/wrote (DH read, I wrote). We went into Fair on Friday, saw the performances we wanted to see, ate lots of good food, visited my favorite gluten-free cupcake booth, and I did my clothing shopping. Saturday, we hung out around camp and red/wrote, then went to Fair late to see some performances and eat dinner.

We didn’t go into Fair on Sunday but took our time packing, had more crepes, and said our farewells. That I-5 drive was foremost on our minds so we made sure we got out on the freeway fairly early and avoided traffic until about Aurora, when we bailed off of 5 and onto 99E.

Wow. What a short summary for such a fun time. I did sell some books and did some promos. And I wrote. But, most of all, I relaxed. One nice thing about our campground is the solar showers. Big solar showers. We went to the showers about midday and, in spite of lines to get in, still had lots of comfortably warm water to shower.

The campground had its own entertainment, with bands playing at night, fire spinners, and drum circles. Individual camps had smaller bands, and our camp features a nighttime movie show.

All in all, a good, relaxing time. But now we have to wait another year for it to happen again. Sigh.

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