Netwalk Foundations Monday!

It’s the third Monday of July and you know what that means…More Netwalk Foundations!


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From the Author’s Notes:

As before, the last part of this series story throws me some huge new things I didn’t know about the Netwalk Sequence world. This piece with Alex and Bess definitely is canon, laying the foundation for the book after NETWALK’S CHILDREN. Now I don’t think that NETWALKING MARS is the title, but NETWALKING SPACE might be.

 I didn’t expect this story to be so heavy about Gizmo, but Gizmo is definitely something I am thinking very hard about these days, as I prepare to fix up NETWALK: THE EXPANDED EDITION and lay down the plot for NETWALK’S CHILDREN.

 Next up will be “Of Boyfriends and Mothers and Daughters, Oh My! Take Three.” And that one promises to be interesting in its own way….

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