Mrs RW, Chipmunk Wrangler….NOT!

Sometimes Monday mornings end up being a bit more…um…surprising than you’d think.  During 8th grade Social Studies, I got a few questions about Black Plague.  Scratched my head, wondering what got the kids off on that tangent.

And then, whilst cleaning up the room before lunch…the janitors came in and started poking around a couple of mystery vents.  Then I got told there was a squirrel in the vent.

Oh.  OH.  I have to wonder if the kids knew about the squirrel since they were, ahem, a bit squirrely in behavior….

Explained a bit.  In any case, once the vent covers came off, a little striped chipmunk was very, very happy to hop out of the vent and into the cage set up outside the vent.  I guess she’s female.  The science teacher whisked her off to his room for food and water, and I suppose eventual release once she’s rehydrated and all.

I’m sure glad I didn’t know about her being there until they got her out!  Goes right along with finding the dust-coated frog that crawled out from under a locker three years ago, and the big forked-horn buck that ambled by the north side of the building last week…to video and pictures from staff.

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