How time flies….

This Thanksgiving furlough has been busier than I even dreamed, between working out the process in developing an illustrated short story ebook using Scrivener (it, um, seems to kinda sorta work) and pictures I’ve taken and a lot of other stuff.

I haven’t gotten anywhere near as much writing down as I had wanted. But I think I needed a break. I worked on putting together Dahlia: A Netwalk Sequence Illustrated Short Story   (which will go up tomorrow) for most of the week, taking my time, thinking about the process. If I can ever get the dang phone to reliably link up to Dropbox (which is pretty easy, I just need to not be lazy about it), I can even check the flow there.

It’s been easy to get out in the weather. Lovely and cool and clear. I took some shots I’ve been wanting to get for some time now. Whether it was Mocha ear cam shots:IMG_0523

or various architectural shots while out walking around Portland:


I’ve been doing stuff. Baked bread and pumpkin pie; cooked up a pumpkin soup with ham, did other domestic stuff.

And riding time. And just–unwinding.

But now it’s time to get rewound to face three more weeks.


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