Fiddling with the Netwalk Sequence re-release

I’m down to the last episode in the latest Kindle Vella story, Becoming Solo, and it just doesn’t want to be born yet. So it’s time to switch to a new project…the rerelease of my Netwalk Sequence series.

I’m calling it the “author preferred 2022 version.” One motivation for redoing the series is that I want to promote it, but dang, the tech is so out of date. Like horrifically so. I had not done the amount of research that I have by now (the Martiniere Legacy research really upped my awareness of tech that is also in the Netwalk books). Another is that the covers have five different designs, so there’s no coherent branding. Still another is that the interiors are older, and reflect several different formatters. Plus back matter updates, proofreading updates, continuity updates…yikes, there was a lot that needed work, especially in the first two books. There was a gap in series books where I went back and wrote earlier stories in the series, and it really shows up on a reread, especially the last two books of the series.

Welp, one of the joys of selfpub is that you can go back and fix a flawed work. I had planned to do this last year, but the last three books of the Martiniere Legacy got in the way.

This year, the Netwalk revision is on the schedule. I’ll be releasing one update a month, starting in March.

Yesterday, I loaded pieces of the first book, Life in the Shadows, into Scrivener. It’s pretty raw, but it’s going to be nothing like the original book. The first version was about 60k words, and only had four stories in it. Granted, one of those four was a novelette and another a novella. But it pretty much ended quite a bit before the next book, Netwalk: Expanded Edition.

I looked at what I had, and decided that a.) I have short works that go right up to the opening of Netwalk, b.) it’s time to consolidate the Netwalk stories, and c.) some things got stuffed into Netwalk: Expanded Edition that really needed to be with the first book, not at the end of Netwalk.

The new version of Life in the Shadows is at around 100K words now. I need to go back and do some significant edits, and since it covers a lot of years, timestamps are probably good. But with this edition of Life in the Shadows, there’s going to be a continuity that wasn’t present before. We go from Diana and Will’s first years together (the focus of the first edition) to those first years all the way up to the opening of Netwalk.

Also, while I was putting together the publicity slides for Justine Fixes Everything, I stumbled across a series of photos on Depositphotos that will work just perfectly for the Netwalk book covers. Since Becoming Solo is still being a brat, I sat down to work on the Shadows cover this morning.

I kinda like it.

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