Ambitious day today

Most of it was housework and housecleaning. I thoroughly dunged out the dust bunnies in the bedroom, doing a deep cleaning, and sorted my summer clothes into the drawers and closet. Had to change my shirt after, it was so dusty. But the room is clean!

Then I hung covers over three of the four skylights. I love the skylights, but not when the sun is at this angle.

After that, I buckled down and did the Big Reorganization and Muckout of my office. I’ve brought home most of the big office supply stuff from work, so all of the little filing things I’ve purchased over the years to manage paper and office supplies at work came home. I also brought my office chair home. I’d bought it five years ago, when the work chair hurt my back, and budgets were so tight that I didn’t even bother asking for a new one. It works so much better than the one I’d bought for home at the same time. I am quite happy with that.

I also brought home all my filing trays. I collect filing trays like a crazy woman, and most of these trays go back to my first home office setups over twenty years ago. The wire bookshelf I bought to hold my binders and worksheets, I’ve converted into a set of supply and filing shelves.

Finally, I moved chairs and backstock books around. I have to figure something out for books, but not the basement here. Basement in Enterprise, yes, once we’ve finished remodeling.

Ultimately, I got rid of almost all the piles of paper and junk. There are clutter catchers which should help keep paper and clutter sorted, and now that I won’t be driving two hours a day, I should be able to stay on top of keeping the work space within a reasonable state of order (I am glad my aide S. probably isn’t reading this; she’d be howling with laughter. She’s spent ten years keeping after me as well as the kids). However, I don’t really have any excuses. I should have time.

I also found a safe place to display my Welches plate.

But still, I’m coming hard up against the reality that man, I have a lot of gewgaws I need to dispose of. I’m just not sure where…yet. Or else I will have revolving displays. That means a much better job of storing stuff needs to happen.

For now, the office and bedroom are clean. And I am gonna go shower, because that’s enough retirement/prep for total freelance life nesting for now.

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