Accomplishing a little…and not so much

For some reason I’ve been focusing on housework and household organization lately. Maybe it’s preparation for some impending changes (well, yes, some is just that). More likely, it’s just as much about the sudden realization that we’ve been in this house ten years and, y’know, after ten years some stuff needs to be dealt with. Additionally, for some reason I’m really stiff and sore after the past week and I just couldn’t deal with a lot of sitting time.

Plus with the cold temps (for PDX), there’s certain household maintenance tasks that have to be followed up on–a heater in the basement, letting faucets drip, towels across the bottoms of outside doors and other things.

Most of today was about doing those maintenance tasks–changing out seasonal decorations, sorting through basement stuff, putting up the Christmas tree, taking a walk in the cold and sunny weather, and going to a funeral.

I’d hoped to get some writing done but besides all that there were other chores.

That said, tomorrow I should be able to write, see Mocha, then go to an InDesign class.

Busy days.

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