A few writerly comments….

Digging out from the detritus of daily life to post a couple of comments….

First of all, several things are contributing to the lack of blog action lately. I was getting after myself for not writing, and then I realized that this year already I’ve:

Published a novella (Winter Shadows) after extensive rewrites

Edited and rewrote two short stories (one to editorial order; the other to reslant for a particular market)

Edited a novella to editorial order requiring extensive rewrites which requires a second pass (self-pub)

Am beginning a publisher-requested rewrite of a novella which needs to be done by March 15th

Started two nonfiction projects which have about 10k words into them

Um. Yeah. I guess I’m busy, and that doesn’t even go into the Real Life stuff happening around here. But I’m doing all of this while commuting daily to a job forty miles from my house, and nightly visits to the horse to manage her current white line disease treatment. I guess I am busy. And we won’t start talking about the craziness that is real estate (part of the big changes coming up).

On other topics, I realized that I’ve accumulated a sufficient body of work that I absolutely, positively, need to make sure that I have an updated bibliography and such easy to find in a file. I was trying to recall dates and titles of a particular contest I’d earned a Finalist placement in, and realized that I need to create THAT list (I already have bios and pix ready to send out).

Wow. I guess I’ve really started making a small bit of progress in the writing world.

Onward, to ballet and then organizing projects, including filling out some writer questionnaires for editors…

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