Writing Accountability Post #31

In spite of the nasty heat this week, I managed to get some big stuff completed, finally. The synopses for the remaining Cost of Power books is now done, though I had a brainstorm that will require me to revise it next week but that shouldn’t take very long. Maybe a couple of hours on one day. That’s how my synopsis process works. It’s never etched in stone.

I also finished the edits of Federation Cowboy and am ready to move on to production, just in time for a September release.

Then I also made some major leaps in getting volunteer project work done. This means there’s some major stuff off the lists, which is nice.

But what didn’t get done? Promotion and production. Some of that was due to gut stuff acting up, tied to the hot weather and all.

Basically, it’s all about keeping on keeping on.

I’m tired tonight, and not wildly impressed by the notion that I can do this review and summary in the evening. Granted, I got out of bed fairly early today, but all the same, I’m still pretty darn tired. I think I’m moving this summary back to Sunday morning/midday as a result. Even though I suspect that part of what is going on is just weather, especially since we’re due to be getting the remnants of the hurricane hitting here tomorrow. 1-2 inches of rain in the forecast, which is a lot for August in NE Oregon.

Nonetheless, I’m pretty much done with the summer of 2023. So not a fan of our new world of weird weather and hot summers, especially since I remember the predictions that this was gonna happen.

Tired and going to sign off now. Joints are starting to ache, which suggests that we’re gonna be getting hit by the storm soon enough. Sigh. Hopefully I will feel better once it’s passed by and everything stops aching.

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