Writing Accountability Post #28

No, I didn’t go into the woods to write last week, though we did pick huckleberries one day and plan to go out again.

But I did get some minor stuff done–started planning The Cost of Power trilogy so that I can draft it out and do rapid release with it next year. I’m also going to do this with the Goddess’s Vision trilogy.

Looking back on the week, it seems like there wasn’t a lot that got done, but there was. It just wasn’t all about writing words. In some cases, it was about editing and promotion. I lined up some advertising and did an interview, plus set up a cover reveal for Fabulist and Fantastical Worlds. I also did some research involved with the Cost of Power trilogy, and have scads of notes to incorporate into planning. Oh, if this is even half of what I have been considering, it’s gonna be nice.

The other thing that is going on is that I’m now getting back to semi-consistent journaling. I’m doing it mostly at night, kind of a summary of the day. Of course I also get ideas that I need to jot down. Journaling is a good thing, because it usually means I’m ready to be poking at ideas and ruminating over drafting. I need it as a check on my progress so that I am on top of it.

What didn’t get done is anything to do with Goddess’s Vision, or Dragons of the Raven Alliance. With Vision, it’s just a matter of taking time to make those notes and plans. I know it’ll be like The Cost of Power once I get started with brainstorming–the ideas will flow, and before long, I’ll be ready to start drafting.

Raven, however…part of the problem is just working out the dynamics. I’m not sure where I’m going with that story, and I have to redo the worldbuilding foundations, which will mean revising the foundational story but if that’s what it takes for it to work, then that’s what it takes. Plus I’m not sure if I’m serializing it on Vella yet. We’ll have to see how that plays.

I think Federation Cowboy is going to be pushed back to an October release date but I’m not positive about that just yet.

The new computer glasses have made a significant difference in reducing my eyestrain–I somewhat needed them before the cataract surgery, but wanted to give my eyes time to adjust. The new glasses also have a blue blocker and that’s wonderful. It really does make a difference, and the coating is also anti-glare.

One thing I have decided is that I’m going to ease off in August. I have been working hard and it’s a good time to catch my breath. I want to plan and structure these upcoming stories and get it done properly, plus do research on new marketing and sales options for this fall. Additionally, since I’m planning two trilogies, I have the time to create a proper marketing plan for both of them.

There’s also a bunch of non-writing, life stuff going on, some that I can talk about, some not. One that I haven’t really been discussing is the world of horses. Mocha is declining, and it’s happening quicker than I like to see it this summer. Now maybe the move to new pasture yesterday will help, but then again, she’ll have a quick improvement, then further decline. Oh, she still looks good, but energy levels are fading. I don’t know. Something happened with her in March-April, and she just hasn’t pulled out of it. Nothing that required a vet visit, and when she did go for her routine shots and checkup in May, she passed everything with flying colors. But there was just something. Sigh. It’ll be eighteen years together in two weeks. Will we make it to nineteen? Will she make it to her twenty-fourth birthday? I don’t know.

In any case, I do a test ride on a new horse tonight. If he works out, Mocha goes on full retirement. And I’ll probably do that anyway.

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