Writing Accountability Post #25

Well, I’m on the way back to getting some organization set up in the writing life. I’ve managed to put up some promotional items, design some promotional slides, and…drum roll…not only am I closing in on the finish of The Cost of Power but I have new issues that need to be considered for the next book. Let’s just say that there are fantastical elements mixed in with the science fiction western bits. This one could be–interesting. We shall see. As it is, I’ll probably end up the week with something like 16-17k words written, which isn’t too bad, really. Perhaps more than that once I wrap things up tonight.

There were also a bunch of fiddly-foo items that were completed this week, some writing-related, but many not. The carpet in my office is suddenly showing wear, so I ordered a chair pad that isn’t one of those dang plastic ones with the sharp pointy bits. This one is actually a bit on the pretty side. Plus I settled in and took care of a medical procedure appointment (outside referral for something that has always been in-house before, pushed back to October of all things, and I need to call my insurer to make certain all the financial details are in place–in other words, a time suck). I also completed the interior layout for Fabulist and Fantastical Worlds and will be putting it up for preorder next week. And I signed up for an August promotion.

But…no writing got done other than Power. Well, duh, since I’ve been drafting around 2k words a day on this story, no wonder nothing else is getting done.

The weather is one big roadblock. I don’t do well in heat, and while it’s been pleasantly in the 80s here, it still tires me out and makes my gut unhappy. On the other hand, I may have found a solution for sleep issues, for the most part. Some sleep issues are still present, but at the moment, I’m doing better. However, I’ve also had a couple of rough nights, have slept in, etc. It’s really telling to see the difference that two hours can make in getting things done, even if I end up working until 10 or 11 pm.

The other piece is all of those multiple fiddly bits to do that just aren’t on anything other than my daily to-do list. Maybe I need to start tracking them, as well.

Eh, progress is happening. It feels slow, but I think when I look back at the year, I’ll feel much more productive.


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