Whew. First week back.

The first week of school for teachers (no kids) passed in a whirlwind, and I’m still not ready for the first day with kids.


Actually, that’s a productive panicky noise.  As in, I still have boxes to unpack (mostly books).  I have file folders to put together for easy use.  And I need to devise a scope and sequence plan for the first semester.  Um, guess what’s happening this weekend?  I’d be more panicky but I know that the first week is more about establishing routines, figuring out schedules, and setting up patterns.  We changed school start times, consolidated offices, and put in a new phone system that is of course being cranky.  Plus I picked up a class I have never taught before but will be fun (8th grade US History).  I am part of a team, so that’s also helpful.

What a difference a change in leadership makes.  I’m still overworked and overloaded, but I have a boss who is putting in lots of hours and sincerely cares about the kids.

The biggest challenge will be pacing myself and not letting me work myself into a frazzle.  I know myself.  I’ll be going gangbusters into health problems if I don’t remember to write, see Miss Mocha, work out, and take care of myself physically and mentally.  My bad foot is already hollering at me.  Time to take a deep breath, pace myself for the long haul, and stop bouncing like Tigger.  As it is, I’m in a seriously ADHD phase and I’m probably more hyper than some of my students.  Ah well, it will pass as I settle into the year.

Last night was open house and I got to see a lot of my kids, plus have some productive parent conversations.   Dang, I’ve missed seeing them.

I am so looking forward to this school year.  But it is going to be a wild and crazy adrenaline run.

Off to the races now.

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