The days are just packed….

It’s been a busy fall and December. Some of that has to do with various aspects of our new life, other parts with bringing out two books this fall, and still other pieces…oh wait, that’s part of the new life.

Basically, I spent part of December doing two craft shows, one which went well and one which didn’t. The prep for that and the aftermath sucked up time. Then I’ve been writing some guest blogs, and working on a contest essay, and pounding away on Beyond Honor (which is proceeding annoyingly slow, arrgh). There’s also been holiday stuff such as making Christmas cookies, and going to a Winter Dinner which was also a fundraiser because locals are trying to buy the Wallowa Lake Lodge, and, and, and…

Add to that the fact that Miss Mocha Feels Right Good as a result of being part of the herd and getting to eat her head off 24/7, to the extent that she’s playing horsie jokes. Dealing with fresh-feeling horse who doesn’t want to be caught sucks up time, especially in a 40 acre pasture with a foot of snow. But I am loving every moment of it because she is clearly feeling so much happier and healthier that it is worth it.

We also ended up making a flying overnight trip to Portland after the big deluge to deal with basement issues. Luckily, that turned out well. No real damage and we dealt with some issues.

The life up in Enterprise is falling into a winter rhythm. We’ve had snow since mid-November. Not always a lot but there’s always been some on the ground. The little house is nice and warm with the wood stove.

I also prefer life in snow country to life in rain country.

Tired after making four batches of jam from frozen fruit. The theory is that it’s better to process jam from fruit kept in the freezer so that the heat from the jam-making helps warm the house in the cold season as opposed to turning the house into an oven during the summer. As long as we’ve got the ability to use a freezer, I guess it works.

Anyway, a Happy New Year to all.

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