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A snippet from today’s work

I’m not nanoing this year, but nonetheless I’m getting my pre-Radcon release put together; a novella in the Goddess’s Honor series–Beyond Honor. As far as timing goes, it’s a prequel to Pledges of Honor.


She shook her head. “Grandfather had been thoroughly enchanted by Zauril’s sweet words and bright toys from Daran, enough to speak of pursuing those who have fled Medvara’s grasp on this land. By the time Zauril acted, he had secured the support of the army and the Guards by speaking of invasion, conquest, and gold. None dared openly help me.” She gave her uncle a bitter smile. “Let us see how well he can run Medvara without its magic. That I was able to do once I crossed the borders. Even with a babe quickened in my womb, my curse held.”

“So the Empire-over-Sea now chooses to remember its exiles and harvest this colony.” Alame’s long fingers flickered in a quick ward at the mention of the great Empire that had once belonged to the house of Miteal. “Not that the Empire’s favor will do him much good if you withdrew the land’s magic.”

“I did the best I could considering everything that has happened. It is a long story, uncle, and Zauril may not have the support he claims. There are—things I learned about his connections to Daran while his prisoner.”

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