Still here

Wow. So it’s been a few months since I blogged–for various reasons, including dealing with wrapping up the online teaching job, winter, gut stuff, and simple lack of response to anything I’m throwing out there onto the interwebs.

Another part has been simply that I’ve been contemplating where to go from here in social media. Dreamwidth has fallen off, and I’m kind of tired of Facebook and its squabbles. All the same, I end up writing more over there in short bits, especially the horse and wildlife stuff that requires pictures. DW is being cranky about letting me post pictures and now I’m having login problems again over there. This blog won’t propagate over there, so I have to cut and paste it–all things which become annoying and frustrating after a while.

All the same, stuff has been going on. I completed my first real quilt, even though it’s a particularly long wall hanging and not a full bed quilt.

I’m working on the revisions for Challenges of Honor and it appears to be on track for release in April. I’ve been dawdling around with launch publicity plans but I suppose I should get off of my rear and start doing that.

I’ve created an aggressive publication/craft plan for the year and hope to get that out there.

Lots of stuff on deck, and part of it means getting this stuff back up and running.

Hope to see more of you.

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