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Well, hello there. I guess maybe I need to spend a bit more time blogging these days. Instead of composing lovely blogs in my mind while Doing Stuff, then not following through when I finally get to a computer because I forgot the brilliant post…I’m going to dance through with just the plain stuff and if it turns out to be brilliant, great. And if not…such is life.

In any case, we’ve finally got some decent snow amounts that aren’t ice here in NE Oregon. I’ve been really annoyed by the Wallowa winter this year because it’s been light on the snow front but with just enough (and temps hovering right around freezing) to cause ice. Lots and lots of ice. There’s been times when I’ve gone out to see Mocha where I needed to hang onto her to keep from falling when I bring her in for grooming and attention. She has extra-big nail heads on her front shoes which help with traction…if anything, she’s more likely to slip on her hinds right now. And four feet are often more stable than two. At least the two of us aren’t slipping at the same time!

Currently we have temperatures in the teens and six inches of snow, with rumors of The Big Dump coming soon. Nonetheless, today was the first time in several weeks that Mocha and I could caper in the snow. She was eager to trot and then lope, but I kept her under wraps because we’ve just not been able to get as much work in this winter. But we both enjoyed a short, brisk lope in the snow. It’s similar but not the same experience as skiing–wind in my face, flying along, snow swishing along her feet. I’m hoping the conditions hold for a few more snow rides, at least.

I’m ditzing around with writing right now because I have stuff going on–all writing-related but it’s also all not the novel. I’m putting the final touches on a self-publishing class I’ll be teaching in two weeks, and working on a short nonfiction project that I managed to land a few weeks ago. I’m wanting to get it off my plate and sent to the editor before we leave for Radcon. And then there’s other things I’m doing as well.

And today I finally got my hands on Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century, in a particularly Wallowa County way. Last night I saw a notice on the local Facebook marketplace that someone was selling books. I clicked through, noticing philosophy, logic, and Greek classic titles I either already own or have read and don’t feel the need to own. Then Capital popped up. Since I’m flush after a successful sales weekend at the Grange’s Sweetheart Sale, I asked if it was gone–no. So I set up a meeting with the seller at the local chocolate and coffee shop. When I got there (after spotting the horde of hungry quail working through the birdseed underneath the feeder and prepping for the Mocha ride), I paid him for Capital, chatted for a few minutes about writing (he had a Moleskin he had been writing in), bought a chocolate, then headed out for Mocha time. He was tucked in for a cozy afternoon staring out at the snow, writing, and reading yet another thick philosophy book. Can’t blame him…but I had a hot date with a chestnut mare.

In any case, we might get dumped on tonight and tomorrow, we might not. We’re right at the edge of this storm. Nonetheless, between projects and Piketty, I’m ready for it.

Oh, and planning the next quilting project. Gotta do that too.

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