Ski day #9….Let the February Skimarch begin……and the Netwalk jacket!

Okay, it appears to be in the cards that we’re doomed to have bluebird ski weather.  I may be forced to embark upon a February Ski Death March, absolutely forced to try to ski three times a week for the next few weeks.  It’s my doom.  I swear, I’m doomed.

DOOMED, I tell ‘ya.  Life is so freakin’ hard on a day like this….NOT!

So.  Yeah.  It was 28 degrees F and absolutely much, much better than Friday, if that could be at all possible.  The snow was firm, crisp and fast.  DH and I did a quick run down Kruser, then down Jojami and Uncle Jon’s Band.  Fast runs for us…we’d finished the third run by 9:25 (keep in mind the lift takes ten minutes from bottom to top).  Even with starting ten minutes before 9 am, it was still pretty decent.

The trees were nice but I had my eye on the Mile, so we went up.  DH suggested we ski down Kruser from the top of the Mile, so we did.  Twice.  Two two-mile long runs.  And a whole new perspective on the slope.

The last run was on what we think is the original Magic Mile, just to the east of Silcox Hut.  It’s a nice little run with some rolling pitches.

A gorgeous day.  Ten miles and six runs (unless you count the Kruser run as two runs).

And I finally got a pic of me in my Netwalk jacket.  It has a story, of course.  I bought this jacket at the ski show this fall, but I was looking at the color and not the design.  It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I looked at the design and realized…it was kind of a pixel design.  I hadn’t noticed it before.  Nice pic, but dang am I starting to show my age.  Sigh.

Well, I guess I am older than Madonna.  But still…..

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