Ski Day #15 and other stuff







Yes, I did leave out a ski day.  And other stuff.  What can I say?  It’s been a busy month, and even with various snow days thundering through, I’ve had a lot going on.  For whatever reason, I didn’t feel like blogging.  Not sure why, it’s just the way things are.

So.  Various things.  I’m going to sell my Collegiate saddle, pretty certain of that one.  It’s either update my English show wardrobe and get a new bridle, or pull the plug on English.  Considering that I think the saddle’s not fitting Mocha that well these days, I want to simplify my life, and I sure don’t want to go through the saddle dance…well, I put the KK Ultra into the Western snaffle headstall (which is a much nicer piece of strap goods, anyway) and I’m resuming riding in split reins.  I have to say, riding in the splits is sure showing me where I’ve been cheating in the English reins.  It enforces a better hand position because of the different feel–which is good.

On the writing front, I started out Spring Break by reading from a nonfiction project I’m slowly developing, “The Strike Dance.”  I’m taking my notes from the 2005 strike and consolidating them with commentary and reporting on a potential situation developing in East Multnomah County, where three school districts may shortly be on strike.  The issues are predominantly working conditions, not money, and let’s just say that the working conditions are nasty things.








(Photo by M.F. McAuliffe)

I’m not sure where I’m going with that piece as of yet.

I’m also busy preparing for the Allan Schore workshop on Friday, doing union stuff, doing teaching stuff, busily trying to do some revisions to send off a MS to the Angry Robot open reading, and embarking on the huge world building project WRT to Netwalk.

Plus house stuff.

So ski days were good.  #14 was lovely and powdery, #15 was a bit icy and firm but still nice.

Horse is moving right along.

New car is nice.

I’ve planted sweet peas, sugar snap peas, California poppies and nasturtiums in the yard.  We’re definitely getting a running start at the spring garden.

And now I’m off for another busy day.

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