Ski day # 11–the joys of wax

I’m still figuring out this waxing thing.  I can’t decide if it’s the wax I’m using on the skis, the scraper, or if it really is the conditions that have me looking at the bottom of our skis and waxing after each session.  Could also be that I’m waxing in situations where before I would have said “Oh, just let it ride for another time or two.”  Then again, when I was buying wax in Hillcrest the other day, some other folks came in looking for wax, quite urgently.  So it could still be the conditions.

Nonetheless, it was another nice ski day.  It started out bluebird :

But soon enough the clouds started moving in for some moody shots:

DH and I started out skiing low, since it was crisp and cold.  Squeaky snow as we stepped into our skis.  We figured it might be icy higher up.  Instead, it was crisp and a wee bit sticky down low.  We had first tracks for most of the Kruser run, and got first chair of the day on Jeff Flood.

We did the four major runs on Flood, and then headed up to the Magic Mile.  Lo and behold, what we hit up top was not ice but instead soft, crispy, confectioner’s sugar snow over hardpack.  Deep enough to flow out of the way without icy patches that require the skier to dig in edges.  Easy stuff to bash through.  We had two good runs and then the clouds blew in.  We’d planned to do the easternmost run, but the clouds socked us in and we went down the main east run, as it’s easier to do when Braille skiing anyway.  Then the clouds cleared away and we did two runs down that side.  It’s a little bit different and has a couple of interesting pitches which run more toward the east rather than to the west, like most of the rest of Timberline.

Ten runs in all.  Crisp and a real delightful ski day.  No falls, nothing tweaked.  Just nice, steady runs without drama, stunning sharp vistas up high, and soft snow underfoot.

Doesn’t get much better than this.

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