Riding log day 9–dressage lesson

Riding Day 9 of 2020. English saddle, snaffle bridle.

Hauled Mocha out to a local dressage trainer for a lesson. It went pretty well. While she was hollering and fussing outside of the lovely indoor arena, once she set hooves inside, she settled right into business (of course, after suspiciously eying the corner that corresponds to the Pig Corner in her home arena, because PIGS!!!!!). Having figured out that no pigs lived behind the pile of alfalfa hay, she was ready to work.

We focused on establishing a consistent rhythm that she could relax into, with some work on my position as well. It didn’t take long for Mocha to respond to the coaching and we had some very nice schooling at the trot, as well as smooth serpentine work at trot and canter. I need to work on my focus and get her mentally centered before asking for too much, and then use my body to get her settled into a smooth rhythm. At the end, while working hard, she was sufficiently relaxed that her tail was swinging, and she was stepping well under herself.

But oh, that lovely trot. And she was clearly happy to have a lesson and be focused and working on schooling.

Once we were finished, THEN she started talking to the other horses. Her focus was quite lovely while she worked, though. The Girl is baaack, and it’s nice to see.

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