Orycon 2013

With all the craziness of the past six weeks, I’ve been worried about getting sick before Orycon or wiped out badly after. Well, the first didn’t happen and so far (knocks on wood), the second isn’t too horrendous. If things stay that way, I’ll be quite grateful.

All that aside, this year’s Orycon was delightful. I had about three panels a day; one got cancelled on Sunday. For whatever reason, it seemed like one of those cons where I got the chance to participate in long, thoughtful conversations with my friends. Cons don’t always get to be like that, but when they do…it’s very sweet. I didn’t get to talk to everyone, but I did get to talk to a lot of fun people. And, well, stuff got done. Pleasantly so.

Science fiction conventions can be tough roller-coaster rides for the writer. It’s possible to find both despair and delight in the experience. I’ve had my share of the despair; this year, it was delight. Any con where I get to have mindful discussions with friends is a delight, and this year will be one of the con memories I’ll treasure.

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