Exclamation point added because, well, I felt like it.

I don’t do a lot of cons new to me just simply because of logistics.  In past years that had to do with parental responsibilities and financial limitations; these days it’s about job responsibilities and a bit less of financial though that will be a factor Real Soon Now.  It’s not that I haven’t wanted to try out new conventions, especially in places like San Francisco and Seattle, it’s just been logistics.

Nonetheless, this year I decided to do Norwescon for the first time.  And now, afterwards, I’m slapping myself in the head for not doing it before now.  I mean, really?  REALLY?  Well, okay.  At one time I was a semi-serious practicing Catholic with Easter liturgical responsibilities so yeah, that really kept me out of things.  But these days, heck, I’m mad at the Church’s hierarchy so I’m not going.  So there.

Um, yeah, I’m a bit ADDish this morning.  So back to Norwescon.  It didn’t hurt that even though we had to plow through a bunch of showers on Friday morning, once we reached Seatac spring had sprung.  Warm.  Sunny.  Nice weather.  OMG.  Unfortunately, we’d forgotten our medications (the lifeline of middle aged folks), so DH patiently turned around and went back to Portland to get them while I marched over to the main con hotel, and got myself a con-going.  Which, for me, means interacting with a lot of friends, going to readings, admiring cool costumes, attending some panels and, this year, taking some pictures of friends.

Gravy included new friend-making, running through not just my writer cards but my special education teacher cards, and OMG MOUNTAINS.  Saturday was a gorgeous day and, while talking to a friend on the elevator, I got completely squeed out by simultaneous views of the Olympics and Rainier.  I ended up having to run up to the very top and snapping shots.











Mountain Girl is quite happily mountained.

All in all, a good time.  Met some cool new folks, talked to a lot of Seattle folks I often only see at Radcon and sometimes Miscon, admired the skill of Susan Mathews in running a panel (OMG, yes, she’s one of the best I’ve seen), missed Nancy Kress beating Bob Brown at chess (and got stomped by Bob myself).

Fun times.  Writer girl is now happily re-energized and can face the April-May teacher slog.

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