Nook Oops Special–Life in the Shadows

So I’m starting out my Nook Oops pricing special with the first book in the Netwalk Sequence series, Life in the Shadows.

Shadows is currently available at ALL VENDORS for $2.99, October 14th through October 20th.

It’s a collection of stories that chronicle the growing estrangement between Sarah Stephens and her daughter Diana Landreth, from short stories such as “Leave Him–or Else” to novellas such as “Shadow Harvest.” Because Diana and Sarah are powerful women working with world-changing technology, their off-and-on relationship has an impact beyond just themselves, especially when a war machine of unknown origin begins to destroy cities around the world. Ultimately, they have to make a choice between family and power. Will their alliance forged to manage the Disruption Machine endure, or will it fall victim to the choices they make? To what degree do the shadows of their past–including the shadows of the men they love–impact their decisions?

Shadows is a prequel of sorts to the Netwalk Sequence series. It’s possible to start with Book Two, Netwalk (on sale next week) but Shadows provides backstory for the entire series.

Here are the links to specific vendors:





Please check Shadows out! It’s also available to libraries through Overdrive and Hoopla, so if you want to read it but don’t have the cash on hand to buy it, please request it from your local library–and thank you to those of you who do purchase it or request it from your library!


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