Netwalk Foundations Monday: Who Protects the Protectors?


It’s the first Monday of October, and time for another Netwalk Foundations piece!

Who Protects the Protectors is a closer look at the relationship of Angela Garcia and Nik Morley, the heads of Melanie Fielding’s Do It Right Security team.

Here’s a taste:

Where’s Nik?

Empty bed next to her. Angela Garcia flung her right hand over to Nik’s side of the bed. Barely warm. He’d been gone for a while.

Damn it. She pressed the heels of her hands into her eyes and drew in a deep, calming breath, trying to summon up enough energy to investigate further. Nik shouldn’t be alone so soon after this last solo assignment. She needed to find him and make sure he wasn’t sleepwalking or having flashbacks from his long virtual exposure. He’d pleaded fatigue to their usual post-mission debrief and decompression. She’d let it slide this time.

Obviously she shouldn’t have.

Kindle version here, epub version here, PDF version here.

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