More busyness and a ski day, too

Busy, busy, busy.  I’m still hoping to get Netwalker Uprising out by March 1st, but damn, this has been the Book From Hell to get out.  Hopefully things will get better…but this has been One.  Tough.  Book.  And then I have to write another one to top it.  Netwalk’s Children should be fun, but OMG, this is one book I plan to plot, plot, plot.

Hopefully the  readers like Uprising.  There’s a lot of tie-ins to current events and I feel like I’m running just ahead of the latest neuroscience…getting to be a bit of a mad race.

Meanwhile, in other affairs, Riding Has Proceeded Along.  Miss Mocha has been quite energetic and switching to a Pelham has had interesting effects–we’re swapping leads quite nicely although a bit on the fast side.  Nonetheless, counter-canter! Comfortably! And two-track on the diagonal at the lope!  Granted, it ain’t purty.  Yet.  But first we have to hit Willing Suspension of Disbelief In Latest Movement Request, Human!

And then today was a sweet bluebird skiing day.  First day back after my fall, with the new helmet.  I’d decided to switch back to the glasses I’d used for a while, and they work better.  The new helmet is comfy and I like it better.  But….

The boots.  Damn it.  Boots!  I had a hard time controlling the skis and it was a midski wiggle.  I’ve put in over 160–maybe even as many as 200–days on the slopes with these boots.  I stopped to talk with the bootfitter on the way home and he pretty much confirmed that those boot liners are packed out.  Either new custom liners or new boots.

Or….I still have the Lange Exclusive boots that got too tight for me.  I talked with the bootfitter about them.  His comment was “I can make a boot bigger, I really can’t do much to make it smaller.”  So I’m going to see if I can use those boots.  After all, they skied well the first few months I had them…but I was heavier, and then had all those injuries to my feet that may have made my feet swell.  I put my custom footbeds in the Langes and tried them on with my ski setup, and they seem to be plenty roomy.  Just need to have my bindings adjusted (half size larger) and we’re good to go.

It wasn’t all problematic on the slope, either.  Lovely snow day, dry crispy snow.  That made the boot issue even more annoying.  Went down the pitch that threw me with no problems, and figured out why I fell–combination of leaning too far forward and a momentary midski wobble.  I skied much slower than usual because I had to overcontrol my skis.  Not fun at all in some respects, but it was so absofuckinglutely gorgeous that I didn’t care.

We got four runs in on Flood before going up to the Mile for two runs.  I stopped halfway down on the Mile and tightened up my boots–definite improvement but still not enough.  The second Mile run, I hit one stretch where it was steep, the tired leg didn’t want to turn right, and I had to force the turns.  Too much fighting the boot, and it meant my hips didn’t want to work right, either.  Or something.  I just knew that lovely as the conditions were, once turns stop working consistently, it’s time to get off the slope.

Nonetheless, it was a lovely ski day.  Second ride up on the Mile, I spotted two ravens together where one raven had been on our first loop.  And that lovely, squeaky, crispy snow!


Damn boots anyway.  Of course, it would help if I were a better skier.

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