I’ll have eagles with that, please

Today we joined our widower friend in a first exploration of potential fishing sites on the Nehalem River.  And see wildlife like, well, eagles.





We were almost to Jewell when the first of this pair flushed from the right hand side of the road and flew across, quickly followed by another that flew down the road for a few feet before joining this one.

They were still there when we got back from visiting the Jewell Meadows elk meadows.





Final wildlife count for the day: Seven eagles, starting with the two we spotted on our way to Clatskanie, plus the five after.  Nearly 100 elk between the bull herd of around 34 and the cow herd of around 60.

Lots of cool river views.IMG_7423





And the fishing?  DH hooked into a small steelhead that flipped off his hook.  I got a distinct strike, fish grabbed the lure and started to run with it, then slipped off.  One pole died (a cheapo from 30 years ago), two or three lures eaten by snags or river bottoms, and lots of pictures.  Raccoon tracks everywhere and I think I found an otter slide.

Much fun was had by all.  It’s been a few years since we’ve been fishing, and I actually spent more time fishing and less time wrestling with the line this time.  Sweet.

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