Horses. Summer. You’ll get no sense out of me.


So this is happening now. Trainer/barn owner got access to a neighboring field. He had the grass cut on it, and it’s now open for hand grazing and riding. What a perfect summer setting. It’s been ages since I’ve done any field riding, and it’s excellent preparation for her move next year. Her reaction was pretty much as you see here–curious, but relaxed. I’m not comfortable loping in this field as it is, because that grass is dry enough to be dangerously slick, even if the cut stuff gets raked up.

Mocha impresses me, though. Past horses in my life, both owned and schoolies, would have been slipping. Part of this field includes a slope that, while not big, was enough to give me a feel for how she would handle downhill movement.


After last year’s escapades on the driveway, I can confidently say it was the blacktop and not the downhill that caused the problems. She walked and jogged up and downhill without slipping. The first time jogging downhill, she wanted to thump around on her forehand but a little half-halt, raise the hand and soft squeeze, and she figured it out.

There’s enough of a slope that I can work on backing her up and down the hills, and do some light schooling on an angled surface. All good stuff for muscle development, and a nice mental break from the arena for both of us in this hot weather.

Mmm. Yes. August on horseback. Just the way I like it.

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