Happiness challenge for August

So in the spirit of the Happiness Challenge for August I’ve read about elsewhere (no linkage because I don’t have permission to do so), I’m going to try to post about things that make me happy this month, one a day.  2012 has been a horrible year in many respects so it needs some positives.

And since it’s the 6th of August, you get six things.  Not necessarily in order of priority…

#6 Curiosity landed safely on Mars, and the ski bums are arguing over who’s gonna get eventual first tracks!

#5 Finding out that the medication adjustment for DH is fixing some things other than what it explicitly was intended to fix (as in the damn medication affected stuff other than pulse rate!).

#4 That DH and DS are currently healthy and happy.  I don’t know what I’d do without my guys, father and son.  Love them both intensely, and part of this year’s horrorshow has been the sudden fear that I might lose one or the other of them.

#3 I still have a day job and it appears that things are looking up there.

#2 The garden is magnificent this year.

#1 Miss Mocha.  She truly is my heart horse.

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