First round on Shadow Harvest Cover

So I’ve just been playing around in Gimp, trying to get this:


to look something like an SF Western cover.

Well, this is what I’ve got so far.

Shadow Harvest

It fits the mood, at least. But I’m not as excited by this cover as I was by the Winter Shadows cover. I want to convey the desolation that is a factor in Shadow Harvest, as well as the chill mood. This does that, I suppose…but it’s kind of meh.

Ah well, I suppose it will work for e-book. I do have other pictures similar to the Winter Shadows cover–for reference, below.

winter shadows cover

But mostly, I’ve got to get up to speed on Gimp. Grrr. Just one more thing to do. Feh. Oh well, I need to not muck around too much and get into turning out the books.

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