And now, 2012

Did I say I wasn’t going to write resolutions?

Yeah, well, I’m a writer.  You believe a statement like that, from someone who regularly sits down at the computer and starts spinning tales?  Foolish person, anyone who’d listen to a writer, she who breathes stories and other worlds into life, and believe that she wouldn’t change her mind.

2012 has to be a year of change for me, in many ways.  First of all, there needs to be a change in the Day Jobbe.  Period.  This won’t come as news to those of you who know me In Real Life and know what’s been going on.  More pragmatically, I’ve hit the point where I’ve maxed out any possible opportunities where I am now, and it’s not a comfortable place to be staying.  It will take a dramatic effort to change things back to the positive and I have absolutely no control and very minimal influence over that facet of the workplace.  If anything happened over my winter break, this reality came even more true for me.  I will probably stay on until June, but that’s not guaranteed.  Not now.  So one group of resolutions is clustered around the need for change in the Day Jobbe, starting with taking the ORELA tests to prove that I am, indeed, “highly qualified” and extending into networking to find a different position.  Whether that remains in traditional K-12 education or in something else is still up in the air.  Possibilities exist and I’m busy tracking them all down.  Possibilities exist, and I’m open to non-education opportunities as well.  I want something to do that doesn’t involve the godawfully long commute, is reasonably close to the barn, and has decent pay/benefits.  We’ll see what that brings.

More positively, 2012 will hopefully be a writing breakthrough year.  I am committed to working with The Netwalk Sequence through June at the latest and possibly longer, depending on how the sales go.  River has received its first, highly positive review.  I have three short stories that need to get written, with themes and mood somewhat akin to that of “River-kissed,” and they need to happen.  I also plan to go back into writing nonfiction, hopefully political writing but we shall see.  And I need to market that damn fantasy novel plus start up the Weird West novel.

Health-wise, I need to deal with the issues that are arising from the Day Jobbe weirdness.  Other than that, the key remains to manage my weight so that it stays about where I was before the San Francisco trip (oy, the weight gain!).  Increasing my fitness level is also important, and I’d like to get to the point where I can do a handstand (with wall) in yoga.  I also want to master the Palmer run, rather than just tiptoeing down it at the end of the season.

I need to keep the office more organized.  Paperwork for business needs to keep happening and it needs to get streamlined.  There are things which need to be done with the house that will need to wait until June (roof, ceiling repairs), but once June is here, it’s time.  I also want to expand the garden this year and get that developed to something I can manage even on the hottest days.

And I need to find time to do more reading.  Hopefully the new tablet will provide that opportunity (I’ve downloaded a batch of books already) and I can read down that pile o’books sitting in the bedroom.

So.  Lots of things to do, most of which are within my control (except for changes at the Day Jobbe, and I’m going to change that by removing myself if I can).  Onward to the new working year.  Stories to market today and, hopefully, another job app before I go off to the Day Jobbe.

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