And….it’s a book.


I liked this cover better than the one I previewed a few weeks ago. The e-versions just need a couple of polishing runs on them, tweaks here and there, but they’re pretty much complied and ready to post, possibly as soon as Thursday or early next week. I also plan to put out Winter Shadows in hard copy at the same time that I issue Shadow Harvest in hard copy. That….could take longer. Or I could end up releasing Winter Shadows first. We shall see. I need to learn how to design hard copy covers instead of handing them off.

And what’s this one about? Here’s an early version of the pitch.

When Diana Landreth returns for a quick visit home from a long-term bioremediation project in the Amazon, she encounters a witch’s brew of personal, professional, and political problems. Her dying father’s ranch has been poisoned by an unknown radiological and/or biological agent . The Third Force’s Relocation Affairs office has made him a low buyout offer that will not support her stepmother and young half-sister. Her husband Will still struggles with PTSD from his imprisonment in the Petroleum Autonomous Zone. Her mother, Sarah Stephens, and Will’s father, Parker Landreth, engage in a shadow war where Will and Diana may be no more than proxies in larger battles for corporate dominance. Can Diana find the truth about what’s been done not just to her father’s ranch but to their neighbors? Can she and Will use rehabilitating the ranch to establish their own bioremediation company’s reputation while protecting her stepmother and half-sister? And can they finally overcome the shadows of the past to become free from their family histories?

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