A thank you, and first ski day of the season

For those of you who’ve responded to my post about teachers and guns, thank you for your thoughtful responses.  I appreciate every one of them.

Sadly, there are folks out there (but only two that I know of, thankfully) who’ve accused me of either overreacting or being afraid to use a gun.  Sigh.  As far as I’m concerned, they’re following talking points, knowingly or not.  And so far, none of them have any actual classroom or teaching experience in a K-12 setting.  Nor do they show signs of having thought through the force decision steps in that setting.  Sigh.  That’s all I’m going to say.

On to more cheerful things…sort of.  The first day out wasn’t the greatest this year, while not being the worst.  DH wrenched his bad knee when he got into deep, heavy, wet powder and was out for the day.  My bad, because 1.) I didn’t insist we stay on Pucci and 2.) I didn’t scout it first.  My skis handle powder better than his.  So he’s out for a couple of weeks, but thankfully no long-term harm done.

The conditions were tough.  Heavy, wet powder on a base that hadn’t really had time to build.  Pucci was in pretty good shape early in the day; Pucci as I like it with the high sloping banks that make me think of pinball bumpers as I ricochet off of them.  Even at that, it took me three runs to get the rhythm of shifting weight from ski to ski smoothly.  And I’m tight in the hips, not in a good way.

I finished off with a check it out run down Uncle Jon’s band.  Still pretty low snow and as a result, lots of choppy moguls on the slopes.  I opted out of the last steep drop because I saw a little tree emerging from the snow at the top and figured it was lower than I wanted to ski.  I went around, and was happy I did when I looked up from the bottom.  Not only is more snow needed but it needs to have about a week of grooming and packing for best results–at least for what this old lady likes to do.  Given the forecast, however, I think things will be great by next week.

I found my condition lacking in a couple of areas.  Not surprising, considering my usual modus operendi is to ski Pucci and build up my strength before moving on to the longer runs.  Definitely in beginning of season condition.  Which means caution, listening to the ol’ bod, and doing some drills.

And squats and lunges at home.  Ah well, it was a beginning, and I started tapping into the flow.  We’ll see how things go from here.

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