Snorty Mocha is Snorty

So we are not yet done with the Horse Eating Paint Gelding of Death. I rode Mocha outside today, and I swear, it was like riding a young greenie again. However, since Treat Boy came along, we have pix of Mocha emulating a giraffe and pretending to be an Arab.


Mom, something over there wants to Eat Us.


I do recommend retreat, Mom.


SNORT. Maybe if I snort loud enough, it will go away.


You really want me to trot? Let me show you how high my head can get.


Okay, maybe I’ll listen at the canter.


Meet Evil Paint Gelding of Death, his buddy the Evil Bay Mare of Death, and their goat sidekicks. All of whom Mocha has seen frequently, except that Paint Gelding and Bay Mare come and go.


However, eventually even fourteen-year-old mares get tired of this stuff and mellow out. A brisk session of working trot does marvels.

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